Soulmate Attraction FREE MASTERCLASS for Professional Christian Women


"How Not To Be Single This Time Next Year"

You'll discover in this MASTERCLASS:

  • The 3 Major Factors that block Christian singles from EVER attracting their soulmate.

  • How Soul Mate Attraction works according to scripture.

  • Why there are so many single women in the church.

  • What were the exact steps I took to attract and marry the man of my dreams.

  • Learn a HARD Truth: Many long-held traditional beliefs have blocked the promises that belong to YOU.


"See how I help women break through to the next level and LIVE the extraordinary life that God promised"
-- Dr. Pat

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Her Story:

I gave my life to Christ on December 10, 1978; I was 21 years old. I had no idea that celibacy was a part of the agreement. But I loved God and I was willing to do anything I could to be with Him. Anyway, I thought I would surely be married by the time I was 23 years old. But that didn't happen.

Then I saw 28...33... finally at 37 years old I met a young man. We were married, separated, and on the way to divorce court within 7 months; I was devastated.

I wondered where God was. But I continued to wait for God to send my Boaz to me. Then a decade passed. I saw 40, 45, 50, 55 love..nobody...nothing.

Finally, I decided that enough was enough. I was not waiting on God; clearly, it was Him that was waiting on me.

Some ten years earlier, I had prayed earnestly about my perpetual singlehood. At that time I began to understand that there was a scriptural approach to soulmate attraction. But I buried it because it was unorthodox; it bucked tradition.

Finally, at 58 years old, I was no longer willing to go on without at least trying the scriptural approach to soulmate attraction. When I did, I was happily married to my soulmate in 14 months.

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